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how up-to-date are the pally boxes? 

While we don't really subscribe to trends, we do ensure that our Pally Boxes feel fresh and modern, while keeping the core finishes easy to live with for the long term. We endeavour to check availability of all the materials every four months, and will provide a substitute if something is discontinued.

can i see the contents of the pally box before i purchase?

Not entirely. We aim to give you a good idea of the contents with some sneak peeks of the materials in your Pally Box on our sales pages, along with inspiration images that will give you a good sense of the contents of your Pally Box. Of course, if you are unsure which box may be best for you, send us a note and we'll be happy to advise you.

How Do i buy the products?

Within the product list in the online studio we have supplied links to all the vendors/manufacturers of every material.

If you are self managing your renovation, you can buy direct from the specified vendors. If you are working with a builder or general contractor it is more likely that they will buy all the materials.

The only homework you will need to do is locate your closest store or distributor. If you have trouble finding a vendor in your area, you can send us a message within the studio, and we will be happy to help you find one.

How much will my renovation cost?

Great question, and tricky to answer as each project has varying factors that affect the final investment amount. 

Our specifications are of good quality at a fair price. For context, if we were to compare our Pally Boxes to buying a vehicle we would be purchasing a mid-level Lincoln - not a base model Pontiac nor a fully loaded Porsche. 

A kitchen faucet will be in the $600-1000 range, not a $120 version from a big box store, nor a high end $2000.00 option. Flooring options range from $6 - $8 square foot.

How long will I have access to the online studio?

There is no time limit on access to the online studio. This means you are able to manage your renovation in phases if that suits your situation better.

Where do you ship?

We ship across Canada and mainland USA. All our products are available within both countries from established suppliers.

Please allow 14 days for your Pally Box to reach your doorstep.

Can i return my pally box?

No, The Pally Box is final sale as you gain instant access via our online studio as soon as you purchase.