Achieve the high-end custom design look you want for your home affordably and simply with The Pally Box - beautifully curated design schemes delivered to your device and doorstep.

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Kiss your feelings of overwhelm goodbye.

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There's no reason to feel stressed about selecting gorgeous finishes for your project, worry if your home will look like a jumble of styles, or question if you've missed that all important something.

We've done the hard work for you, curating every finish you need for a cohesive, beautiful custom look at an attainable price point. All you need to do is plan, order and start your renovation - or hand it all over to your general contractor.

your pally box has every finish you need for your renovation or new build project

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Choose from our selection of curated design palettes, from calm and neutral, to bold and dramatic.
If you like our style, you're going to love our Pally Boxes! 

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Get instant access to your Pally Box through our online studio, and we'll send you samples of the key elements right to your doorstep.
All you have to do is measure, plan and order - or hand everything over to your contractor!


Once the construction dust has settled you will have a beautiful place to call home, to relax, enjoy and show off, even if it's just on a Zoom call for now! 

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choose your pally box

"Design can feel like a luxury, but it is accessible, especially when you have The Pally Box.
This saved us so much time, and likely saved our contractor some frustration with us, and I expect we will have saved money as a result of this small up front investment."


material specification

Your Pally Box will have specifications for all the finishes you need for your renovation:

Flooring, cabinetry for kitchen + bath, wall tile and grout colour  for kitchen + bath, counters for kitchen + bath, plumbing fixtures, including sinks, faucets + shower trims*, light fixtures for kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms, wallpaper + paint, hardware for cabinetry + interior doors, baseboard + casing.
Everything works beautifully together so you can be confident that your home will feel cohesive.

*bathtub not included

What's in your
Pally Box?

online studio

Once you purchase your Pally Box you will have instant and unlimited access to our online studio with your own confidential sign in to your Pally Box. 

Here you will find all the finish specifications for your Pally Box along with pricing, links to vendors and notes from us on where to use each product, as well as any design tips or inspiration images that we think will help.

We have also included a comprehensive guide and worksheets to make your renovation journey as straight forward as possible.

What's in your
Pally Box?

samples to your door

There's nothing like seeing and touching the finishes for your home in real life rather than on a computer screen. 

Once you have ordered your Pally Box we will send you a box of samples right to your door. Of course, we can't send sinks or faucets, but we will send samples for the cabinets, counters, wallpapers, tile, flooring and paint swatches. 

We know you're going to love them!

What's in your
Pally Box?

pally boxES

Let's do this!

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Join the Pally Box family today and gain the clarity and confidence to create your dream home with our professionally curated palettes.

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We get it. Managing your own renovation, or doing the work yourself, is not for the faint of heart and is definitely not for everyone.

Why not let us take care of it all? 

From creating a style and vision for your space, drawings, and project management through to the final installation and styling, we provide full custom interior design services for residential and boutique commercial projects.

Our turn key service can be used for decorating and furnishing only projects, as well as projects with construction or full renovation requirements.

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